3 Ways to Decorate the Bathroom with Bamboo

Bamboo is a hot green a deco friendly trend in bathrooms now. You can use dried bamboo from the local home improvement store to get the look of bamboo in your bathroom on a budget.

If you do not want to makeover your whole bathroom, then adding touches of bamboo bathroom accessories is a fun way to get in on the eco-friendly trend and save a few pennies at the same time.

Bamboo Bathroom Accessories #1: The Shower Rod

Keep your same shower tension rod, but you can cover it with bamboo. Most tension rods are an inch thick, but measure yours to be sure.

Now, check out your local home improvement store or home decorating store of dried bamboo poles. Measure the inside to make sure the bamboo hole is big enough to slide the shower tension rod onto.

Cut the bamboo to ½ inch shorter than your wall space. This way it will not scrape the wall when you hang it up. Slip your shower rod in the bamboo pole and then hang as normal.

Now, you may need to use different shower curtain rings. Look for oversized rings or even try using ribbon to hang your shower curtain Jute twine would be cool too!

Bamboo Bathroom Accessories #2: Bamboo Light Fixture Accents

If you have a light fixture or light sconce in your bathroom with a back metal plate, then you can dress this up with some bamboo. Simple or clean-lined light sconces will ok best with this. By the way, if you do not want to add the bamboo to the actual light fixture, you can create a frame around it in the same manner.

Take one 1 inch piece o bamboo pole that ha scene dried. Measure how tall and wide you need your outline box to be. Cut each piece of the rectangle outline.

Now, use a strong glue, like Gorilla Glue, to adhere to the bamboo frame to the light fixture.

If you are doing this on your bathroom wall, then pre-drill small holes on the ends and tack into place with small finished nails. This way you can take it off the wall easily when you are changing the look in your bathroom.

If you rent, you may want to use hot glue in place of the super-strong Gorilla Glue. It can be popped off easily this way.

Bamboo Bathroom Accessories #3: Bamboo Towel Bars

To get started, you want to cut one piece of dried bamboo to the length you want your towel bar to be. Now cut two smaller pieces to 4 inches deep.

Install two small 3 inch pipes and flanges onto the wall where you want the towel bar to attach. Slip one 4 inch bamboo piece over each pipe.

New, lay the two bar on top of the two bamboo pipes sticking out of the wall.

Tie into place with jute twine. I like to tie this on in a knot, then wrap around the bamboo in an X pattern, attaching it as I go.

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