5 Cozy Home Decor Fabric Trends for 2020 You Can’t Miss

Take a fond look back, and cherry-pick the coziest home decor elements from the previous decades. Celebrate the heritage and comforting patterns in a new way. Ten home decor trends for 2020 rely on familiar and homey designs from our shared past. The artisan and handicraft movement of recent years continues to expand in 2020. The one-of-a-kind, handcrafted look is cherished above the mass-produced look of fabrics.

5 Cozy Home Decor Fabric Trends For 2020

  1. Quilted, Traditional

Quilts, whether handed down from generation to generation, the quilt-in-progress or the department store version mimicking the real thing in texture and design. True handmade quilts are the starting point, but the patterns and colors found in grandma’s quilt may find themselves in unusual places, including artwork, table linens, and rugs.

  1. Vintage Florals

Vintage florals go hand-in-hand with the trend of decorating one interior wall with wallpaper. There are no stripes or faux pastoral scenes on 2020’s wallpapers. Look for vintage florals instead. Vintage floral patterns are appearing on furniture as throw pillows. Look for designs with two or three colors at most.

  1. Patchwork

Patchwork in 2020 home decor goes beyond just the handmade bedspread. Think about the geometric patterns of patchwork and how they can be incorporated in your home decor. You can create a patchwork of artwork or photos on the wall, using frames that are all the same size. Keep the frames the same color or create a pattern with a couple of frame colors. Patchwork for 2019 is subtle, using monochromatic colors. Use two or three shades of the same color when decorating with more than one of the same item.

  1. Plaids & Checks

Plaids and checks get sophisticated for 2020. You’ll find these familiar patterns on a small scale in surprising places. Home decor takes a cue from the structured patterns of plaids and checks.

  1. American Flags

Home decor is showing its allegiance to history and heritage. Elements from the American flag are making a showing in home decor. This trend attempts to honor the flag, yet, the use of the familiar images in unusual ways may cross the line for some.

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