Decorating Your Daughter’s Dorm Room: How to Make it Chic for Cheap!

Well, it is here. The day you have been dreading since your precious little baby was born. Yes, she is all grown up and now it is time for your daughter to move off to college. Worse yet she is moving into a dorm, which means her only concern right now is having the cutest dorm room so all the girls will be jealous. At least that was my only concern before i moved off to college.

First, let me start off by saying having your daughter spend her first year in a dorm is the best decision any parent can make. She will be able to meet many other girls and make friends that will hopefully last throughout her college career or even throughout her life. The way she decorates her room should be an expression of herself. When other girls walk in they should be able to look around and get a feel of what your daughter is about.

A major issue that I am sure is stressing you is money, money, money!! I have a few simple tips to help you keep the budget low while producing the hippest room for your college-bound daughter. I have three major stores that you should keep in mind while shopping around for the perfect decor for your daughter’s dorm room. You may want many ideas for how to decorate the dorm room, but truthfully the best place to turn for that is your daughter’s imagination. For now all you need to know is where the find the best items for the best price.

The first, and my personal favorite, is TJ Maxx. Most people think this store only has discounted name brand clothes. WRONG! TJ Maxx has many home decor items for cheap prices! My brother bought a complete bed set (pillow, comforter, sheets, etc) for only about $60. Any department store would have sold the same set for several hundred dollars. If you take the time to dig around you can find great little pieces that can spoof up a room. Keep in mind to listen to your daughter’s style and let her do the digging. Also, make sure the items you pick out have a common theme, such as colors and style. My first dorm room was hot pink and baby blue. I decorated it with cute fashion pictures I found at different stores. Therefore, my theme ended up being a kind of “Fashionista” theme.

Another great store to rummage around in is Tuesday Morning. They are similar to TJ Maxx only they specialize in mostly home items. It is a great place to find bed sets, as well. They have gorgeous mirrors and paintings. They also have great rugs that can cover that old nasty carpet in most dorms. They also have a huge selection of lamps! Best of all, much like TJ Maxx, everything is at a cheap price!

The final store you should be sure to swing by is Target. Target has tons of teen girl inspired bedroom decor. I got a lot of my dorm decorations from Target. A lot of my household décor items come from Target and Wal-Mart because they are such good quality for great prices.

Now that you have many stores in mind you need to start a list of items you want to search for. Be sure to sit down with your daughter and decide on what theme she wants and what colors she likes. Items that are important to have on the list are:

Bed Set
Throw Pillows
Picture Frames
Wall Art
Desk Lamp
Area Rugs
Mini Frig

Of course, that is not all you will need, but it is a great way to start. I would suggest getting the bed set first and then buying decor items that match the bed set. Most importantly let your daughter pick out most items. After all, it is going to be her dorm room! Another item I suggest should be high on your list is a Memory Foam mattress topper because trust me, from experience, those dorm beds are not comfortable!

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