Easy Home Decorating Crafts with CDs

There are plenty of candleholders home decorating crafts you can make with CDs. CDs are constantly being thrown away, and these shiny disks can be used for lots of crafts. This article will provide you with in-depth instructions on several easy home decorating crafts with CDs.


An easy home decorating idea is a coaster; this will keep your tables and counters looking good and add charm to your home decor. For this craft, you will need a CD, felt, glue, scissors, and paint markers. Start by gluing the felt to the colored side of the CD. Make sure to glue around the edge to keep the felt in place securely.

After the glue has dried completely, use the scissors to cut the excess felt off of the CD. The edge of the CD makes an excellent guide to trimming excess felt. Then use the paint markers to write or draw whatever you like on the other side of the CD. You can make a nice pattern or personalize it with someone’s name. When the paint marker has dried you can use this home decorating craft.

Photo Collage

Another easy craft for your home is a CD photo collage. For this decorating idea, you will need CDs, photos, glue, scissors, and ribbon. Start by deciding what photos you are going to use. Then glue or tape them to a CD.

Use the ribbon as a frame around the edge of the picture by cutting it into small pieces and gluing it over the edge of the picture. When the glue has dried lay the CDs upside down on a table. Make sure they are in the order you want them to hang in.

Then use ribbon to connect them. Start by gluing long pieces of ribbon across the back of the CDs; then repeat the process from left to right. When all the glue has dried tie the ends of the ribbon into a loop at the top of the collage so you can hang it on the wall.

CDs are great craft tools because they are easily damaged and often thrown away. Try these home decorating ideas instead of adding to a landfill, and you will love the style they add to your home. These easy crafts are fun and simple; so try them today!

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