How to Create Chic Bathroom Decor: Eye-Popping Color

Chic used to be a word that described designer jeans in the 1970s and 1980s, but now it has become a buzzword for home décor. The definition of chic is still all about being glamorous, fashionable, and trendy, so a chic bathroom must incorporate those decorative elements. Although it may seem that chic style is ostentatious, possibly even overly dramatic, the look is truly extravagant. Chic is extravagant in a good way. With a fascination with current designer trends, brilliant motifs, and contemporary color palates, a chic bathroom can stand out among the rest. With a few simple ideas, you can create the chic bathroom of your dreams.

Experiment with Sink Accessories

Selecting chic accessories that are eye-stopping while at the same time maintaining their versatility, you can create a bathroom design that is second to none. By experimenting with sink accessories that are sleek, modern, metallic, and funky, you can create a bathroom countertop that brings focus and attention to the room. For a chic and contemporary design, choose a soap dish, soap pump, towel rack, and toothbrush holder that are a muted silver color. These can be found at most home goods stores and are often made of brushed nickel. To add a colorful aspect to your bathroom sink accessories, choose a soap pump that has a glass center. That way the translucence will allow the colorful soap to show through the container. A chic bathroom is all about modern sink accessories.

Choose Bathroom Towels that have Eye-Popping Color

Eye-popping color is quite popular in chic bathroom design. This is your chance to use magenta, hot pink, violet, and mocha to decorate your bathroom. Interior design for your bathroom area doesn’t have to bold, bland, neutral, or muted. It can be bold! To ensure the vivacious appeal that you desire in the bathroom, choose bathroom towels that have vivid color. To limit the amount of overkill and ensure that your bathroom design doesn’t become ostentatious, add a dark black or deep brown towel into the mix. These bring a harmonious and subtle blending of colors into play. Chic bathroom interior design is willing to experiment with bold color.

Dare to be Bold with Floor Coverings

Chic interior design motifs are not bland or stale; they are bold and daring. To maximize the appeal of a chic bathroom, add a bit of floor comfort with a patterned throw rug. A chic throw rug adds pattern and texture to the bathroom. Bathroom floor mats that surround the toilet are extremely outdated, so opt for one large rug that is placed centrally in the room. Don’t hesitate to bring animal prints, plus fabrics, and strong shapes into the rug design. If possible, a faux fur rug could be used to add a sense of chic drama to the bathroom. The goal of a chic bathroom is to introduce glamour, fashion, and modern decorating trends into the space, so a chic bathroom must incorporate these eye-popping elements.

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