Infusing Purple in Your Home Decor

Fine antiques and contemporary items alike come in a fantastic variety of purple hues. Perhaps this is due to purple symbolizing royalty, though no matter the reason, purple is a beloved color for accessories and focal pieces both. Rich purples work well with dark blue and green, such as seen in Victorian times, and light purples pair great with neutral tones.

Owning a collection of antique mirrors is a delight for any homeowner, but blending the piece with other décor items may be difficult. Liven up the frame with a grayish-purple, and apply the paint so that it appears to be worn or aged. These mirrors will hang beautifully over off-white walls in the entranceway or hallway.

Enamelware pitchers and vases should be placed upon a bookshelf with dark purple and lavender flowers inside. The color of the petal, in addition to some natural light, will reflect off the enamelware and produce a purple hue in that location of the room. Moreover, the enamelware can be painted with a pale purple tone to tie together other pieces from across the room.

Purple often pairs well with pink, though finding the perfect location for this pairing might prove difficult. Since the blend is overly feminine, perhaps using it in a little girl’s room or a bathroom would look best. When combining pink and purple, using a soft hue of one should automatically mean using a soft hue of the other. A pale pink dresser will not flow well next to rich purple comforter, yet a bouquet of dark pink carnations looks great in a bathroom with deep purple accents.

Purple is not typically the color of choice when decorating a kitchen, however, it can be used to accent or draw focus. In a kitchen heavily designed with neutral tones, a fresh floral arrangement in purple will boast the atmosphere in no time. Likewise, in an open kitchen, an eggplant-toned oversized spice rack should be hung on a cream-colored wall to hone in attention to that particular area.

Printed aubergine fabric, the type depicting an outdoor scene with a white backdrop, is perfect for drapes and pillow covers in a small room, and for wall covering in a large room. The same purple tone can be transferred to trim the lampshade and upholster the furniture where applicable.

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